Juris Zvirgdziņš

Juris has an infectious intellectual charm. He’s witty, off-the-charts smart, creative and seems to have a gene that fiercely questions conventional thinking. But, above all, Juris is a masterful storyteller. His book Esse un... has taken on cult status amongst generations of 20-somethings in Latvia. But he is best known for his children’s books. His Teddybear Tobias series has become an icon of Latvian children’s literature.
A few words about Juris and a goat
Juris’ was also one of the leaders of the Latvian counter-culture movements called Kazu Laiki (although Juris himself, in his typical style, would probably deny that he was ever a leader). The Kazu Laiki (literally: the times of the goat) happened in the 60s and 70s. Kaza (english: goat) was the name of a coffee shop in the old town of Rīga, which was a meeting place for artists, thinkers, and those who just wanted to break the mould of Soviet everyday monotomy. Many of the leading figures in comtemporary Latvian art and literature grew out of the Kazu Laiki and are lovingly refered to as Kazas Bērni (english: children of the goat).
A walk with Juris through Torņkalns
Juris was born, raised and still lives in Torņkalns. He takes Rūnā Rīga on a fascinating journey through stories of Torņkalns. He blends cultural history, personal stories, literary quotes, and fictional works, to create a fascinating walk through Torņkalns.
Staff notes
This tour is walkable.