Velta Puriņā

Velta is a TV journalist for tv24. During the Barricades, she was the anchorwoman for the popular TV news show Panorama. Velta speaks here about her personal experience covering the Barricades.

The Barricades of 1991
The Barricades was a confrontation between the Soviet paramilitary forces known as the OMON and the Latvian government. After OMON forces conducted attacks in early January 1991, the Latvian goverment called on the people to build barricades to protect potential targets. From 13 January to 27 January, roughly 16,000 unarmed civilians braved cold to defend potential target from OMON forces. Six people were killed in further attacks.

Runā Rīga and the Barricades
The Barricades represent a unique period in Latvian. This is why Runā Rīga is comitted to bringing more stories about the Barricades in the future.