Jānis Oga

Jānis is the Director of the Latvian Literature Center, which promotes Latvian literature both in Latvia and abroad. Next year, Jānis is helping to create a two kilometer long human chain to pass books from the old library to the new National Library.

A walk through Rīga for book lovers
When we asked Jānis to take Runā Rīga on a tour of Latvian literature, we half expected a tour of the many writer's museums in Rīga. Instead, Jānis took us on a wonderful walk that includes a library, a story about a bookstore, and a curious restaurant frequented by writers.

Notes from the staff
Is this tour for me?
If your idea of fun is hanging out at a bookstore or if you crank up the volume when there's an interview with Isabelle Allende, then you'll enjoy this walk.

Can I get everywhere on foot?
Yes. It should take under an hour at a leisurly pace.