Jānis Lejnieks

Jānis is an architect and architecture writer. He is the Head Editor of the magazine "Latvijas Architektūra" and has written several books about Rīgas architecture. In a 2010 interview, Jānis was asked why he made the leap from architect to architecture theoretician/writer. Jānis answer was: "Because the books I wanted to read hadn't been written. So I decided to write them myself."
Contemporary Architecture in Rīga
Jānis takes Runā Rīga on a tour of the work of Andris Krongbergs, Harris Kalinka, Sergejs Nikiforovs the iconic post-modern architect Modris Ģelze. Jānis not only talks about the aesthetics of their work, but also talks about the architectural problems the architects had to resolve and the solutions they came up with.