Kristaps Krēsliņš

We didn't call this tour Rīga on Acid because it involves the use of hallucinogenics. What this tour does however have in common with LSD is that Kristaps is the founding memeber of the band Mācītājs on Acid (english:Priest on Acid) In the past few years, Mācītājs on Acid has rightfully attained cult status in Latvia. Kristaps is also the owner of the Krogs Apteika on Mazā Miesnieku Iela. Krogs Apteika is a meeting place for rockers, punks, and alternatively thinking people.
Notes from the staff
Is this tour walkable? Very much so.

Is this tour for me?If you think Jello Biafra is too mainstream, then this tour is probably for you.
The videos of shops, bars, and restaurants on this tour, were done without the knowledge of those establishments.