Eva Ikstena-Strapcane

Eva is a journalist, a blogger, and an avid Latvian folk dancer. She's hosted numerous TV shows and is currently an editor and journalist for the TV show Viss Notiek. As if that weren't enough to fill every waking hour of the day, Eva's undertaken numerous campaigns to show people Latvia's beauty. In this light, Eva likes to quote the Latvian poet Imants Ziedonis who said: "Latvia's a wonderfully beautiful country, but one has to help beauty reveal itself."

A walk down Baznīcas Iela
The best stories about Rīga are in the courtyards, Eva told Runā Rīga before we set off on on walk. The courtyards are the place where people flowers, film nights happen and interesting murals are made. Thus, a large part of Rīgas life is hidden from visitors. Eva wanted to take us for a walk down a street that is bringing the courtyards onto the street: Baznīcas Iela.

On this walk, Eva shows us some of the creative shops and eateries that have sprung up on Baznīcas Iela. We take a look inside the apartment of the Latvian classic writers Rainis and Aspazija. And, we end our walk in the serenity of the Cathedral Gardens.