Jānis Deināts

Jānis is photographer, whose work has been displayed in galleries in throughout North America and Europe. The range of his artistic work and thinking is vast. It includes mystic nature photography, contemporary cultural critique, and commerical fashion photography. Like his work, Jānis himself defies categorization.

Looking at Rīga
Jānis takes Runā Rīga on a tour of visual and intellectual textures. Some of the places inspire him. Other places anger him. The walk gives us a small glimpse of Jānis'artistic process and the act of looking.

Staff notes
Can I get everywhere on foot?
Only if a marathon is your idea of a short walk.

Who is this for?
Frankly, we don't know. We asked Jānis to give us a tour, becasue he's an incredibly interesting person with an interesting way of looking at things.

Currently, this tour is only available in Latvian. We're working on getting Latvian with English subtitles out as fast as possible.